Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Just bloody eat it!

Cheating blog this morning - a rehash of a poem I wrote about our youngest delight one particularly testing mealtime.

Ode to a 2 Hour Lunch

“One more bite? Is that enough?”
Negotiations can be tough,
And that is true especially,
When up against a child of three,

No matter what the luncheon dish,
Pizza, Pasta, Eggs or Fish,
The minutes tick by oh…so…slow,
When in their mouths the food won’t go,

The thing they loved just yesterday,
Is now quite foul in every way,
You dance with joy when they’ll eat ham,
But after that, they can’t stand jam!

The work you put into their food,
Brings criticisms loud and rude,
“Mummy – this makes me feel sick!”
And we have tried most every trick,

The ‘make it with them’ lie’s the worst,
(The childrens “chefs” that I have cursed!)
You know the ones I’m on about,
With perfect smiles, they never shout:

At their fussy, grumpy bunch,
It never helps to make a face,
With peas for eyes and a pasta brace,

They just employ their own technique,
To drag it out and make you weak,
Until you finally succumb,
“I’ve had enough of this now Mum”,

“OK”, you say and clear away,
The food that caused so much dismay,
And though they haven’t finished it,
At least (you think) they’ve had a bit,

A tomato here, a carrot there,
It all adds up, so don’t despair,
Just smile, because you know one day,
That their kids will behave this way!!!!

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